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Icelandic Adoption Group

Wonderful China Tours of the Icelandic Adoption Group  
( Guangzhou, Guilin, Xi'an, Beijing.2012,3,29---4,17)  

March 29 to April 17, 2012, our company specially organized an Icelandic adoption group together with Icelandic Travel Agent( Icelandic Vita Travel). There are 24 adults and 10 children from 13 families in this adoption group. In 2001 they came to dopt 7 abandoned girls. These girls are from Sanshui District ,Foshan City, Gua ngdong Province of China. And since then these girls completely changed their world and began their new life in Iceland. Ten years later, their kindheartedly and lovely Icelandic parents brought these luky girls back to their hometown to seek their roots. On April 3rd, our team went to Sanshui District to stop at some abandoned sites..InShanshui Social Welfare Center, we were given a warm reception by Dirctor Li and their staff members with " One Love, One Family" Root-Searching Return Welcome Ceremony. They also gave our girls some lovely gifts.And our group members also showed our thanks with some donation to the Social Welfare Center and also bought them a washing-mashing after being informed that there was something wrong with their old washing-mashing. On April 4 we went to Guangzhou Safari Park to get a close look at some rare and wild animals, like white tigers, pandas, koalas, Asian elephants as well as the black rhinoceros and so on. During our tour in China, we had a great time in Commercial metropolis of Guangzhou, fantastic natural scenery of Guilin, ancient town of Xian and grand capital of Beijing. On April 12th our group guest were invited to have dinner at the Icelandic Ambassador’s Residence in Beijing. We all enjoyed tasted barbecued beef and tuna, and some authentic Icelandic dessert, those little girls had a great fun there. All Icelandic clients thought  highly of our company’s warm reception and wonderful tour arrangements. They all said to our national guide that they would report to Icelandic Vita about our super excellent services. They will be back again to China.

Icelandic Adoption Group in Sanshui City Icelandic Adoption Group in Beijing Icelandic Adoption Group in Guilin