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Cellular Phone Rentals in China

Why rent a cellular phone when you in China
Most US cell phones either do not work in China or have extremely high roaming charges.
Guaranteed low rental and airtime rates
Know your phone number before departure
Keep in touch with family and business 24/7
Easy pick-up and drop-off at any location in China
Last minute order not a problem
How to rental a cellular phone
  PandaPhone—China Cell Phone Rental Service
US Toll Free:1-866-574-2050 China:400-820-0293

PandaPhone specializes in offering China cell phone rentals, sales & SIM cards. We are committed to solving your communication needs - business or leisure-during your staying in China.

Rental Procedure
Please contact at 1-866-574-2050 or email at grace@pandaphone.com(Do not forget coupon code DDIT to get 15% dicount on rental fee)
Receive phone before departure for China , or pick up phone upon arrival at your hotel in any city of China
Drop off phone upon arrival at your hotel in China or Mail phone to Pandaphone US address upon return
Phone Model
Rental Rates
First week rental: $10($1 each additional day)
Round-trip shipping: $20.
Airtime rates: about $0.10-$0.24 per minute on domestic and incoming calls;
about $0.48-$0.52 per minute on international calls to US or Canada
Questions? Just call our 24/7 US toll free number: 1-866-574-2050 or email at grace@pandaphone.com