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Chengdu: famous for its spiciness
2010-11-25 10:30:39

Recently, Chengdu which is a city in the southewest of China’s Sichuan Province is known for its mouthwatering hot and spicy cuisine. The city Chengdu was nominated for the "Creative Cities Network" in the gastronomy category by UNESCO.

Jinli Street in Chengdu plays host to a variety of local snacks all year round so visitors like to go to the Jinli Street which becomes one of the best tourist attractions in Chengdu.The local dining tradition has become a unique culture, gaining a growing reputation around the world for its authentic spicy flavor, and alluring global gastronomists to give it a try.

And thanks to the booming catering industry, the city of Chengdu is attracting the world's outstanding enterprises and talents in the field of creative design of gastronomy. So far there are around 60-thousand restaurants of various scales in Chengdu, with millions of practitioners engaged in catering or related