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When you plan your trip to China, you certainly have some ideas about this country from all kinds of books and internet. I am sure you can tell us exact names of some well-known cities, Beijing, Xian, Shanghai……, the typical representatives of China. This is why we strongly recommend you to focus your first sight on these popular cities to witness the introduction that you have read. It’s an easy way to get to know China in a short time.

During the trip, you will have a quick glance and basic understanding on Chinese history and culture, local people and customs, beautiful sceneries and delicious food, the ancient and the modern. We encourage you spending about two weeks in China to sense your first impression. If you are on a business trip to China, catch each opportunity to visit nearby cities. Let’s circle the main cities on the map of China. You’d better follow my direction to propose your trip in China.

Second trip to China

The Great Wall

First of all, the capital Beijing, of course the soul of China and its great people, located in northern China. Its brilliant history mirrored in its spectacular palaces and the imperial parks, the countless temples and the royal resorts, the blocks of traditional houses and the narrow alleys. The remains of Ming and Qing dynasties in recent 600 years have been well preserved. Consequently there is an unparalleled wealth of discovery to delight and attract travelers as they explore Beijing's ancient past and enjoy its exciting modern development. Today Beijing is a modern and fashionable city. You can sense the life of Beijing by exploring its many bars, cafés, and futuristic structures of buildings with titanium and glass casting their shadows over ancient palaces.

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Then you will travel towards the west to the starting point of ancient Silk Road. Xian, one of the oldest cities in the world. Xian is a city full of mysterious atmosphere when it was established as the capital city by 13 dynasties successively. Compared with Beijing, Xian displayed its cultural relics dating back to two thousand years ago. The first Emperor, Qin Shi Huang unified China here. Twenty-two centuries later, thousands of life-sized terracotta soldiers buried with him was accidentally unearthed. Xian reached its poetic height in the golden age of the Tang Dynasty from 7th century, and was the supreme metropolis of the medieval world connecting with many central Asian regions and Europe via the Silk Road. The Tang Dynasty Dancing and Singing Show is a must-see performance which reflects the prosperity of Xian. Now it is the capital of Shaanxi Province.

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Go on your trip to the southwest, you will be in a very easy city, Chengdu-the home town of giant Pandas. Giant Pandas in the Breeding Center attract tourists all over the world. Chengdu is imbued with an atmosphere of ease and comfort, evident in its residents' leisurely manner. People are friendly and the pace unrushed. The best way to get a good feel for Chengdu is to sit in the shade at a teahouse. Tea drinking is a custom that took hold here 1,300 years ago and never let go. Visitors to Chengdu therefore like to amble around the city, enjoying the exuberant and inexpensive life style. Local cuisine is very spicy but irresistible. Chengdu is the gateway to Jiuzhaigou Valley, a natural scenic area recognized as a magical fairy tale world, the Buddhist mountains of Emei Shan, the giant stone statue of Leshan Buddha, as well as Ya’an, one of the most important panda breeding centers. In addition, because Chengdu is one of the few cities with daily flights to Lhasa, many travelers come here to arrange transportation to Tibet. Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province.

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Following the map we are getting closer to southern China. Here is the most charming landscape under heaven, Guilin, the picturesque city and the typical karst topography in the world. The name Guilin, in fact, means "forest of sweet osmanthus". Guilin possesses “five famous virtues”, spectacular caverns, exotic rock promontories, fragrant osmanthus, green hills and clear waters. From Guilin to Yangshuo, the river travels 83 kilometers with both shores decorated with numerous green hills popped up out of the ground, a poetic and picturesque environment. The air is always fresh and the water is always clear. There are many scenic places within short traveling distance of Guilin. These include Longsheng in mountain area with its famous Longji rice terraces, a small town Yangshuo downstream from Guilin and ancient style villages dotted along the bank of Li River.

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Hong Kong

Now we are at the southernmost city, Hong Kong, the most cosmopolitan city and the former crown colony were returned to China in 1997. Hong Kong is a metropolis in the truest sense of the world,vibrant and brash. Its history has given it a distinctive mix of East and West. The past and the present are side by side in the incense-filled temples, the towering skyscrapers and the densely populated urban areas. People in Hong Kong seem to live in hyper-speed. It’s easy to get caught up in the rush. You have to always keep in mind you are tourists on holiday and slow down your paces. Praised as Oriental Peal,Victoria Harbor pinched between Hong Kong Island and the southern peninsula Kowloon, is the focal point of the city. Day or night, the harbor view is dramatic and the best view is from the Victoria Peak. The skyline of Hong Kong Island, scaling the heights of steep hillsides, is among the most magnificent in the world. At night, no city in the world can match the skyscraping lights of Hong Kong Island for sheer breathtaking beauty.

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Let’s turn to the east of China, the most prosperous region at present including Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai. The high-speed bullet trains have closely linked each city together. It takes only 5 hours to cover the length of 1500km from Beijing to Shanghai. We advise you to experience the century speed on the route of Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai. There is a popular Chinese adage to describe how elegant and beautiful Suzhou and Hangzhou are in the history. "Paradise in Heaven, Below are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth."

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We can easily find out nicknames of Suzhou, such as "Capital of Silk", "World of Gardens", "Oriental Venice" . When Shanghai was a sleepy village, Suzhou, just a few miles to the west, was a busy mercantile center, its wealth secured by a thriving silk industry. The city is renowned for its beautiful stone bridges, pagodas, meticulously designed gardens. These Small, exquisite jewels of landscaping art are the finest surviving examples of the tradition. Old town Suzhou is surrounded by remnants of a moat and canals linked to the Grand Canal, has become a protected historical district in which no skyscrapers are allowed. Suzhou is one of those rare places in China where the ravages of modernization have been severely restricted and new industrial development has been shifted to suburban zones.

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Similar to Suzhou, Hangzhou wins its praise as "The most splendid and luxurious city in the world." As one of the most renowned and prosperous cities of China for much of the last 1,000 years, Hangzhou is also well-known for its romantic legends, fragrant green tea, colorful silk brocade, historic relics and beautiful natural scenery. The West Lake seems a shining pearl inlaid on the vast land. The paradise now lies in its lake, its shoreline, and the surroundings where hills embrace the lake on three sides with the city proper in the east. Strolling or cycling along the West Lake, tasting green tea and chatting with friends under the shade. Just imagine how pleasure life it is.

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The Huangpu River

If you are interested in the modern history of China, Shanghai serves as an ideal miniature. Shanghai, definitely an international city, known as "A Paradise of the Adventurers" during the years of 1920s and 1930s, praised as the “Oriental Paris” and attracted many business explorers. Shanghai shows off every aspect of her unique glamour. If compared to Paris in its 1930s, Shanghai nowadays is more like New York. Arrived in Shanghai, immediately you will be overwhelmed by all the crowds, autos, malls and skyscrapers. The architecture of Shanghai has its own characters. Western-style mansion along the Bund and the local stone-gate buildings, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign which are the richest collections of Art Deco buildings in stark contrast. Modern Shanghai has a lot of key areas of interest to the visitor. Nanjing road, the Bund, Shanghai Museum, Yuyuan Garden in old town quarter, and the special streets in old concession area, etc. Shanghai is still something of construction site over which a blueprint is spread like a dream. However, if any city can link China to the outside world on equal terms, it will be Shanghai.

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Qutang Gorge

In eastern China, the Yangtze River estuary lies quietly at Nanjing, just 300km north of Shanghai. The Yangtze River is the longest river here, flows down from the west region to the east. With plenty of rainfall all year round, the Yangtze River is named the golden watercourse. The landscape is various, earthy and spellbinding, particularly at the Three Gorges which has the ineffable scenery. The splendors of Qutang Gorge, the elegance of Wu Gorge and the adventurousness of Xiling Gorge form the majestic picture of this world-renowned tour resort. The world-famous Three Gorges Dam adds another tourist attraction to the beautiful landscape of the Yangtze River.

If you are willing to understand some about Yangtze River, it is better to take deluxe Yangtze cruises enjoying the river winding through the spectacular sceneries and shore excursions along the river bank. The cruise tour normally takes three or four days sailing between Chongqing at the upstream and Yichang at the downstream which is the best way to explore the Yangtze River, comfortable and relaxed. Combined with other typical cities, a two-weeks Yangtze River Tour is highly appreciated by tourists.

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We complete a round trip in China and get to know the features of each city better. I am sure a basic idea of China tour emerged in your mind. Do not hesitate to Tailor Your Own Itinerary now. Try to be a knowledgeable traveler and design your favorite blueprint. Be sure we are your professional tour consultant and willing to assist you to achieve your China dreams.