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Chinese Dumpling (JiaoZi)
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Jiaozi (Chinese dumpling) is a traditional Chinese dish. It is popular not only in China but also spread all around the world along with the Chinese immigrants.

A common legend goes that Jiaozi means the transition from old to new in ancient Madarin. By making and eating Jiaozi, the family can get rid of the bad luck and get bless from god. So Jiaozi is an important dish in Chinese New Year and Chinese culture.

Jiaozi also symbolizes wealth for its special gold-ingot-shape. Traditionally, extended family members will gather together to make dumplings on Chinese New Year's Eve. They may hide a coin in one of the dumplings. The member who gets the dumpling with the coin will likely have a good fortune in the next year.

Chinese dumpling generally consists of minced meat and finely chopped vegetables wrapped into a piece of dough skin. You can make a variety of Chinese dumplings using different fillings based on your taste and how various ingredients mixed togetherby you.

During the long history of Jiaozi, it shapes and develops into various forms. Till Tang Dynasty, the shape of Jiaozi almost comes to the same shape of curret Chinese Dumplings. Ancient Chang’an (nowadays Xi’an) is the economic and cultural center in Tang Dynasty. The Dumpling Banquet may be traced back in ancient Xi’an at Tang Dynasty. Originally, dumpling banquet consisted of 108 forms of dumplings, and develops over the amount till today. Although international friends may not understand the moral of each Jiaozi, it won’t affect their interest in those cute and delicious Chinese dumplings.

Jiaozi, nowdays are more than a traditional dish in the eye of China, it is also the namecard and window of Chinese culture. The dumpling banquet is the special greetings sent to the faraway friends from Ancient city of Xi’an. We hope you will enjoy the delicacy of the Chinese Dumpling and fun of making dumplings when you travel in China.

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